Nickelodeon’s Show VICTORIOUS

1. Tori Vega
Get ready to bear witness to one of the most talented students at Hollywood Arts! Tori Vega is nothing short of a triple threat — actor, singer, and dancer galore! Even still, the talents of this rising star don’t stop there — Tori’s bubbly, easy-going personality makes her super likeable, and an amazing friend. Although high school may bring about fierce frenemies, crazy competition and occasional drama, she’s determined to make it shine!

Tori Vega is played by recording artist , Victoria Justice. She has appeared on numerous Nickelodeon productions such as Zoey 101, True Jackson VP, iCarly and Figure It Out. She is also known for playing the unforgettable Tammi Dyson in the movie Spectacular!

2. Trina Vega
Next to the word “Diva” in the dictionary is a picture of Trina Vega. Trina is Tori’s older, self-obsessed sister, and she drives her younger sis CRAZY! Although not very talented, her greatest mission in life is to make it big, and her obsession knows no limits. In reality, she has good intentions but usually gets side-tracked with her glittery dreams of world-wide fame.

Trina Vega is played by Daniella Monet, who you may recognize as Bertha from Fred: The Show. She has also guest starred in various Nickelodeon shows like iCarly, Supah Ninjas, Zoey 101 and she played the very fun Tootie in Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner!

3. Andre Harris
He’s sweet, funny, and multi-talented, and just so happens to be Tori’s best friend. Andre has believed in Tori’s star potential from the very beginning, and has been there for her through thick and thin. Just don’t overlook his musical ability! Andre is known for blowing his friends away with his gift of song-writing and sweet vocal range. Creativity is no stranger to this musician, but he’s not the bravest performer. Lucky for him, he’s got faithful friends who don’t mind giving him the nudge he needs.

Andre is played by singer, songwriter and musician, Leon Thomas. He has made appearances on shows such as iCarly and True Jackson VP, and has done voice-overs for Jack’s Big Music Show, and The Backyardigans. He has also performed in the hit Broadway musical, The Lion King.

4. Jade West
This sassy bad-girl is no walk in the park. Her dark and sarcastic nature doesn’t make her the easiest person to deal with, but she’s a loyal friend and hard worker with an amazing voice. She also dates the hottest boy in school (Beck), which definitely doesn’t hurt!

Jade is played by Liz Gillies, whose voice you may recognize as Daphne, from the Winx Club. She is also known for appearing on Broadway’s 13 as Lucy. When not filming, Liz focuses her time on singing and dancing.

5. Cat Valentine
Prepare to meet the most childlike, flighty, and uber emotional Cat you’ve ever seen! Cat’s ditzy, sensitive personality makes it extremely hard for her to accept criticism of any kind, making it a bit of a mission for her friends to be completely honest around her. But though she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, her sweet, naive demeanor and bubbly attitude makes her a star friend.

Cat is played by Ariana Grande. Before starring in Victorious, Ariana played the memorable Charlotte alongside co-star Liz Gillies in Broadway’s 13. She has also guest starred on iCarly, and plays Princess Diaspro in the Winx Club. Apart from acting, Ariana pursues a singing career as well.

6. Robbie Shapiro
This curly-headed boy is one shy cookie! His quiet, slightly awkward personality sets him apart, but not nearly as much as his super talent does — ventriloquism! His puppet friend and alter-ego, Rex, is his bold, witty polar opposite, which may explain why Robbie always keeps him close. On his own, Robbie is a smart individual and dependable friend, and you can always count on him to think with his heart first!

Robbie is played by Matt Bennett, who’s actually a ventriloquist in real-life. He has guest starred on Nick shows, iCarly and Team Umizoomi, where he played The Shape Bandit. He is also a singer and screenwriter.

7. Beck Oliver
Beck is a man of a few words, but when he does speak, everyone hangs on to his every word. He’s the most respected actor in all of Hollywood Arts, and he doesn’t take it for granted! He’s humble, laid back and pretty much the hottest kid in school. Everyone knows he’s Jade’s to claim, but he’s also the only one capable of keeping her in line whenever she gets extra prickly.

Beck is played by actor, Avan Jogia. If he looks familiar, it’s because he’s starred in numerous Nickelodeon productions such as, Spectacular! as Tagid, and Gym Teacher: The Movie, as Champ. He has also appeared on iCarly and Figure It Out.



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