Do Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Have Another Song On The Way?

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran (Photo: Tumblr)

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran (Photo: Tumblr)


Fans are loving Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s collaboration song “Everything Has Changed,” so are the two planning a follow-up duet together? Not yet!

Ed revealed to MTV:

“There’s been no talks with Taylor about writing tunes, because when we both have time off, we just want to have time off. And she’s got a beautiful new house, which is always fun to hang out in. I don’t want to pick up a guitar and be like ‘Hey, let’s write another hit song!’ I just want to chill; she’s got a pool table, I quite like that.”

We hope the duo find time to collaborate together again in the future! Do YOU?



Posted Thursday , August 8 , 2013